Strata Imaging Projects Banner Year Amid Supply Chain Woes

Strata Imaging has been your one-stop choice for high-quality ultrasound systems and C-arm repair and maintenance services for many years– and we’re prepared for all coming challenges in 2022. Amid the prevalent global supply chain issues, purchasing an ultrasound device or C-arm can be difficult. Thankfully, Strata Imaging has got you covered with plenty of stock. warehouse with boxes

We had a great 2021, and we set ourselves up well for 2022 to take care of all our customers’ needs. We saw supply chain problems coming, and we prepared our inventory for increased demand. Almost every OEM manufacturer of ultrasound machines and C-arms sources parts overseas, including many electronic components.

This bottleneck has extended lead times for new devices out many months. At Strata Imaging, we sidestep these supply chain challenges with our extensive inventory of certified refurbished equipment. Plus, we work with every major ultrasound and C-arm brand and have many brands in stock that we can ship today—no more waiting months just for a tracking number.

Due to our team’s hard work, we had a record year in 2021. We grew our team over 100% and are creating many new roles. With our continued diligence, experience, value, and loyal customer base, we expect 2022 to be a banner year.

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