Veterinary Ultrasound Machines Buyer’s Guide

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Veterinary ultrasound machines are essential tools for diagnosing a variety of diseases in large and small animals, with hundreds of options on the market. New technologies make these devices more useful and accurate every year. At Strata Imaging, we can help you choose the veterinary ultrasound machine that’s best for your needs. Here are some typical features of veterinary ultrasound machines and the best choices, depending on your practice’s needs.

Ultrasound Machine:  GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine Hitachi Arietta 50 VET Hitachi Prologue VET
Ranking Best Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Machine for Large Farm Animals Best Cart-Style Ultrasound Machine for Veterinary Practices Best Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Machine for Vet Practices
Price Range $14,500-$21,750
3D/4D Imaging No, 2D only No, 2D only No, 2D only
Display Size 15” 21.5” LCD 11.6” LCD
Image Quality 1024×768 resolution HD- 1280×1024 resolution 1920×1080
Controls Trackball, knobs, and buttons Knobs, buttons, trackball, and touchscreen panel Touchpanel
Battery Life 2 hours No battery 1.5 hours
Workflow Features: Simultaneous split-screen scanning, SmartScan, ComfortScan, anatomy-specific image settings, customer settings Fully customizable controls, user-friendly touchscreen, dynamic slow-motion display, simplified control layout, auto optimizer Anatomy specific resets, intuitive touch control, eFlow, easy transport, Adaptive tissue filter
Vet Features: Equine sports medicine features. Reproductive scanning for bovine, equine, and swine. CW Doppler for cardiac vet scans, deep probe penetration Quick vascular and cardiac scans, eFlow, Silky Image Processing, Trapezoidal Imaging eFlow, Silky Image Processing, Trapezoidal Imaging, Dual CF, Adaptive tissue filter
What sets it apart: Great balance of features and affordability. Large farm animal scanning capabilities Exceptional system performance, image quality, and full vet feature set Rapid boot time, intuitive operation, ScanSync, compound imaging

The Most Common Features of a Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

Veterinary ultrasound machines are easy to use and noninvasive. They don’t expose animals to radiation, and they provide quick results. Vets often use ultrasounds to diagnose issues such as bladder stones or heart problems. They also use them to guide procedures like biopsies or obtaining urine directly from the bladder. Higher-frequency sound waves in the 10 to 16 MHz range have lower penetration for better images of organs directly beneath the skin. Lower frequency ultrasounds in the 1 to 2 MHz range have deeper penetration, and they work well on large animals.

Look for an ultrasound machine designed for veterinary use. These machines work just like human ultrasounds, but their software comes with convenient veterinary presets. For example, viewing a dog’s heart requires different settings for contrast, frequency, focus, and depth than viewing a human heart. Choosing a machine that already has the optimal settings for a large- or small-animal practice can help you get more accurate images and save lots of time.

Some animal ultrasounds come with black and white, two-dimensional imaging, and others have color, 3D, or 4D imaging. With 3D imaging, sound waves from different directions provide a more accurate, three-dimensional image. With 4D imaging, you can see live video. The best machines have plug-and-play capabilities, and vets and vet techs only need to make minimal adjustments during exams.

The Hitachi Prologue VET

Hitachi Prologue VET ultrasound machine image

The Hitachi Prologue VET is the best portable veterinary ultrasound machine. It has a touch screen with a virtual keyboard that’s easy to control, and you can use it with or without a standard ultrasound cart. The ScanSync system lets you streamline workflow by using transducer movements to freeze, unfreeze, and store images. You can also use this system to start scanning.
The adaptive tissue filter uses computer enhancement to make the differences between tissue types easier to detect, and Silky Image Processing (SIP) reduces speckles and makes the edges of images more defined. This machine also has trapezoidal imaging for a larger field of view than the width of the transducer. Compound imaging software can combine images with slightly different angles for a better view. Other features include:

  • An 11.6-inch LCD monitor
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 1.5 hours of battery life
  • A rapid boot time
  • Anatomy-specific settings
  • eFlow high-definition blood flow imaging for viewing fine blood vessels that are difficult to display with conventional methods
  • Dual CF to display color Doppler and black and white B-mode images at the same time
  • A customizable menu
  • Needle visualization

The GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine

GE Logiq E Vet Bovine Equine ultrasound machine image

The GE Logiq e Vet Bovine Equine is the best portable veterinary ultrasound machine for large animals, and it offers a great balance between features and affordability. It usually costs between $14,500 and $21,750, and you can control it with its trackball and convenient knobs and buttons. With the right probes, this device can scan as deep as 30 centimeters, letting you look at the organs and limbs of large animals. It’s the size of a laptop, so vets can easily take it with them when they visit patients at farms or zoos.

CrossXBeam compound imaging combines images from slightly different angles for a clearer picture, and power Doppler imaging (PDI) helps you look for small movements in blood vessels and other body parts. Pulse wave Doppler (PWD) can help you monitor blood flow rates, and color flow mode, also called color flow Doppler, uses color to highlight the direction of blood flow during cardiac scans. This ultrasound machine also comes with:

  • A 15-inch monitor
  • 1024 x 768 resolution
  • A two-hour battery life
  • A solid-state hard drive
  • USB ports
  • Simultaneous split-screen scanning
  • Anatomy-specific settings
  • Speckle reduction
  • HD zoom
  • SmartScan algorithms to improve image acquisition and exam consistency
  • ComfortScan software to simplify exams

The Hitachi Arietta 50 VET

Arietta 50 VET ultrasound machine image

The Hitachi Arietta 50 VET is the best cart-style veterinary ultrasound machine. You can control it with the trackball, touch screen, knobs, and buttons. The controls are customizable, and a simplified layout makes them especially user-friendly. You can easily do quick vascular and cardiac scans. Also, you can use the dynamic slow-motion display (DSD) to get a good look at fast-moving structures like heart valves. It displays an image in real-time next to one in slow motion. Other features include:

  • A 21.5-inch LCD monitor
  • 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Silky image processing
  • Trapezoidal imaging
  • eFlow high-definition blood flow imaging

More Veterinary Ultrasound Options

A variety of other veterinary ultrasound machines are available at Strata Imaging. New model and pre-owned or refurbished devices are on sale. With the right equipment, you can make testing, diagnosing, and treating many animals easier. Contact us to learn more about the best veterinary ultrasound devices.

Additional Options From Strata Imaging

At Strata Imaging, we offer an extensive inventory of these musculoskeletal ultrasound machines and more. You can get a refurbished device or a brand-new model you can use to diagnose and treat patients. Contact us to learn more about the MSK ultrasound machines we have available.

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