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The Philips BV Endura mobile C-arm is a versatile all-around surgical and vascular procedure image system. It has ergonomic patient access, quick and easy positioning, industry-leading image quality, and enhanced workflow to boost efficiency.

The BV Endura has a fully digital 1K x 1K imaging chain with 2D edge enhancement and advanced noise reduction. This helps provide more precise insights into complex structures and vasculature in all types of procedures– including abdominal, vascular, and orthopedic.

Philips BodySmart software enables the BV Endura to get the right image the first time, promoting dose efficiency. It automatically adapts to the patient’s measuring field/interest area to reduce the frequency of retakes and keep X-ray doses to a minimum.

The Philips BV Endura C-arm has an ultra-compact size. You can easily move it between departments and through tight/busy areas. And it is slim enough to fit as close to the operating table as needed. Workflow is optimized with the Automatic Programmed Fluoroscopy (APF) settings which provide a one-touch optimization of parameters for each procedure.

General Surgery, Vascular
12" image intensifier, DICOM, 1k x 1k imaging, fixed anode tube with active heat management, dual monitors, 135º rotation, digital CCD camera
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the DoseWise feature on the Philips BV Endura C-arm?
The Philips BV Endura C-Arm's DoseWise feature provides comprehensive dose management X-ray technology. It ensures a low X-ray does for lengthy surgeries while still providing great quality images.
What size is the Philips BV Endura C-arm's detector?
The Philips BV Endura C-arm has a 12" image intensifier.
What is Philips BV Endura C-arm's resolution?
The Philips BV Endura C-arm has 1k x 1k high resolution imaging.
Strata Medical’s Review
Philips BV Endura
The Philips BV Endura C-arm is a workhorse surgical imaging device. It offers vascular functionality all in a compact, easy-to-maneuver package. Its digital CCD camera with 1K x 1K image resolution provides fantastic image quality, which increases diagnostic confidence. And you get the flexibility and choice of a 9-inch or 12-inch image intensifier.

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Philips BV Endura

Included in the price

90 Day Warranty
with extended warranty options
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Included in the price

90 Day Warranty
with extended warranty options
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We purchased the Philips CX50 from Strata Imaging and have been very pleased with the service and equipment we received. We will keep them in mind in the future as our practice grows.
Tuan Nguyen, MD, FAAP
Pediatric Cardiologist, Kidz Cardiology

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