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Product highlights
Dual touchscreen monitors, High-Resolution flat detector, rotating anode X-ray tube
Popular Configurations
DICOM, DVD recorder, sterile covers, Outlining tool

The Philips Veradius C-arm X-ray machine brings a straightforward approach to surgical imaging. It is designed to increase the efficiency of physicians and operators in the OR. It has an extremely friendly user interface with graphical touchscreen control– akin to a tablet.

Along with its excellent walkup usability, the Philips Veradius has a color-coding guide called ClearGuide, which helps staff communicate position changes. Considering its fantastic dose efficiency, the Veradius still provides excellent image quality.

The Philips Veradius includes many industry-leading features, including:

Position Memory– stores previous positions and recalls them later to reduce re-positioning time
Outlining tool – mark bifurcations or stents directly on live fluoroscopy images via the tablet interference
Dose management – includes beam filters, monoblock design, and removable grid
Metal Correction – reduces images artifacts from metal objects automatically
Flat Detector system – easy to maneuver and able to scan physically large patients.

The Philips Varadius C-arm delivers many high-tech ease-of-use features that simplify surgical imaging and increase diagnostic confidence.

General Surgery, Vascular, Neurovascular, Orthopedic, Cardiac
Flat detector, Position Memory, ColorGuide, Rotating anode X-ray tube, WLAN, DICOM, 1560x1420 pixel resolution
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the ColorGuide feature on the Philips Veradius C-arm?
The ColorGuide feature on the Philips Veradius provides is a color-coding for C-arm positioning. It speeds up placement and reduces miscommunications and re-positioning.
How does the Position Memory feature work on the Philips Veradius C-arm?
The Position Memory feature allows the user to save a previous position and recalls it to speed up re-positioning on the Philips Veradius C-arm.
What type of detector does the Philips Veradius Neo have?
The Philips Veradius has a Trixell amorphous silicon flat detector.
Strata Medical’s Review
Philips Veradius
The Philips Veradius C-arm adds many new innovations that make it a clear leader in the industry. It simplifies workflow with its tablet-like interface, reduces position miscommunications with its ClearGuide color-coding positioning, and increases diagnostic confidence with its fantastic image quality and dose efficiency.

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Philips Veradius

Included in the price

90 Day Warranty
with extended warranty options
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Included in the price

90 Day Warranty
with extended warranty options
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We purchased the Philips CX50 from Strata Imaging and have been very pleased with the service and equipment we received. We will keep them in mind in the future as our practice grows.
Tuan Nguyen, MD, FAAP
Pediatric Cardiologist, Kidz Cardiology

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