GE OEC Brivo Plus

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Product highlights
Dual monitors, 5 dose control options, touch screen, carbon fiber grid
Popular Configurations
SMART Options, Sterile covers

The GE OEC Brivo Plus incorporates the familiar interface of GE’s well-known OEC line of C-arms. Physicians can use it for both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. It offers high-quality images and is easy to use.

The OEC Brivo Plus’s affordability and flexibility make it ideal for a surgical center or doctor’s office, providing simplicity and clarity to your imaging capabilities. And the OEC’s proven and established user interface allows for simple management.

Automated capabilities, such as true point-and-shoot functionality, can assist boost productivity. And thanks to improvements in steering and construction, it’s easy to steer and transport between hospital departments.

In complex procedures, SMART options can assist you in improving your technique: SmartMetal, AutoTrak, and AutoWindow are all useful.

It features two monochrome 19″ displays and a user interface with a touch screen that may help minimize procedure time and enhance efficiency. Additionally, it has a 40 kHz high-frequency generator, 1k x 1k high-resolution imaging technology, a 9” Image Intensifier, and a stationary anode with a dual focal spot.

GE OEC Brivo Plus c-arms are versatile and have a global user base. They are reliable, improve efficiency, and offer excellent value for money.

General Surgery, Vascular, Neurovascular, Cardiac
9" image intensifier, carbon fiber grid, touchscreen, DICOM, MPPS, 40 kHz high frequency generator, 2.2 kW monoblock, 40-110 kVp range, dual 19-inch monochrome monitors, CD/DVD drive, USB, SmartMetal, AutoTrak, AutoWindow, low dose features
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Frequently Asked Questions
How many dose control options are on the GE OEC Brivo Plus?
The GE OEC Brivo Plus has five dose control options- preview, normal, low dose, high level fluoro, and pulsed modes.
What size is the GE OEC 9900 Elite's detector?
The GE OEC Brivo Plus has a 9" image intensifier.
What is GE OEC Brivo Plus's resolution?
The GE OEC Brivo Plus delivers 1k x 1k high resolution imaging from it's digital image processing system.
Strata Medical’s Review
GE OEC Brivo Plus
The GE OEC Brivo Plus is an intuitive C-arm device perfect for surgical areas with limited space. Moving and repositioning are easy, and the touchscreen control with dual monochrome displays makes the Brivo Plus simple to use. Its automated features, fast boot-up, and point-and-shoot technologies also increase efficiency and help with critical procedures.

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GE OEC Brivo Plus

Included in the price

90 Day Warranty
with extended warranty options
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Included in the price

90 Day Warranty
with extended warranty options
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