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The Philips EPIQ CVx is a dedicated cardiac ultrasound machine with superb functionality and features. It looks identical to previous Philips EPIQ ultrasound machines, but it has an advanced cardiac package.

The CVx model provides sharper and clearer images than previous models with its upgraded OLED display. Its sharp visualizations are achieved by the improved contrast ratio and increases in dynamic pixel range.

The Philips EPIQ CVx’s user interface is designed specifically for cardiology. It provides an 8% faster standard TTE echo exam with its Dynamix HeartModel and AutoStrain LV features. To round out its cardiac features, the EPIQ CVx includes Auto Measure AI, which automates common measurements. Plus, it has nSIGHT Plus, which assists with Transthoracic echos. All these features help cardiologists deliver the best patient care possible.

Imaging Modes
DOM 2021 BRAND NEW 21.5” OLED Monitor, ALL CARDIAC OPTIONS ENABLED including: M-mode, Color Doppler, Color Power Angio imaging (CPA), MicroFlow Imaging (MFI), MicroFlow Imaging HD (MFI-HD), Spectral Doppler, Auto color and Auto Doppler, Steerable Continuous Wave (CW) Doppler, Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI/TDI PW), Dynamic HeartModel, iRotate echo Live xPlane imaging, Live 3D echo, Live 3D and MultiVue/Multislice, Live 3D and MPR/iSlice imaging, 3D Auto RV, 4D MVA, AutoStrain LA, LV, RV, Freehand 3D volume and MPR imaging, Panoramic imaging, Contrast imaging – cardiovascular Contrast imaging – general imaging, 2D imaging, Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI), MultiVue/QuickVue/AutoVue
Quick Guide
Frequently Asked Questions
Does the Philips EPIQ CVx work for pediatric cardiac exams?
Yes, the Philips EPIQ CVx is capable of scanning young patients with the S9-2 PureWave pediatric 2D transducer.
What is Auto Measure AI on the Philips EPIQ CVx?
The Auto Measure AI on the Philips CVx provides automated 2D length and Doppler measurements.
Does the Philip EPIQ CVx have 3D and 4D imaging modes?
Yes, the Philips CVx has 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging capabilities.
Strata Medical’s Review
Philips EPIQ CVx
The Philips EPIQ CVx is one of the best dedicated cardiac ultrasound machines on the market. It has exceptional image quality and many great cardiac features, including pediatric support, real-time image alignment, Cardiac TrueVue Glass, Auto Measure AI, AutoStrain, 3D Auto RV, and many other advanced cardiology assessment tools.

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Philips EPIQ CVx

Included in the price

90 Day Warranty
with extended warranty options
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Included in the price

90 Day Warranty
with extended warranty options
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We purchased the Philips CX50 from Strata Imaging and have been very pleased with the service and equipment we received. We will keep them in mind in the future as our practice grows.
Tuan Nguyen, MD, FAAP
Pediatric Cardiologist, Kidz Cardiology

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